Janet is the owner and operator of Whitethorn Farm. She has been operating Whitethorn Farm since 1985. She has trained and competed to the Grand Prix level.

Janet riding mare, collected, in arena
Janet Grunbok

Janet is a United States Dressage Federation certified (USDF) Instructor/Trainer. This means she has been certified by USDF in the areas of Teaching, Lungeing of the Horse and Lungeing of the Rider. Certified Instructor/Trainers have achieved certification by taking a written and verbal exam, and achieving a score of 80% or higher in each area of the certification exam. Janet is a certified Instructor/Trainer in all levels currently offered by the USDF: Training through Fourth Levels. USDF Certification Link, enter “Grunbok” into the last name search field.


Janet takes a totally professional approach to teaching. Her open, active mind is constantly seeking new ways to help her students achieve harmony with and constructively affecting their horses’ movements. In addition, her excellent riding ability enables her to demonstrate as well as explain any point she wishes a student to understand. Lastly, but equally important is Janet’s forthright manner and sense of humor, making the lessons fun.
— MR